Medident Clinic offers you a wide scope of services. All dental procedures (including dental surgery) are performed by highly qualified personnel with all appropriate qualifications.
We do not send our patients to other clinics, as we are capable of dealing with complicated procedures. Difficult cases are being consulted with professor Bogumiła Frączak, MD, Ph D, founder of the clinic.

In order to ensure complete independence, the clinic is equipped with high class surgical microscope produced by KARL KAPS Company from Switzerland, endometers with endo motors, as well as X-ray apparatus making digital images or, in case of people using only the X-ray laboratory, a device making analogue images (film). You are welcome to learn more about our offer. If you have any doubts, we will answer all your questions.

All procedures performed in our clinic are executed in local anaesthesia.

teeth whiteningdental braces - implants - fixed prosthesis - prosthetics - aesthetics - guided tissue regeneration - Die fillings