Whether we want it or not, we are often judges by others basing on the way we look, so maybe it’s worth to pay particular attention to the fact whether we have a lovely, white smile. Our clinic provides a wide scope of services within the range of invasive and non-invasive aesthetics. We will whiten your teeth, clean them in a professional manner, and if necessary, we will correct the shape of your teeth by placing veneers or we will improve their look by means of teeth jewellery.

1. NON-INVASIVE - without the need to interfere with teeth structure with drills:

  1. teeth whitening – using chemical agents to brighten (oxidise) the tooth surface:
    • at home (onlay whitening) – by means of individual teeth rails provided by us and with help of appropriate preparation (NITE WHITE, Opalescens),
    • in the clinic – using agents of highest concentrations, activated chemically or by means of visible or laser light, additionally supporting the whitening process (Beyond, Bio White Accelerator, SAPPHIRE);
  2. Professional cleansing (sandblasting, scaling, polishing) – with help of sandblasters, scalers as well as polishing pastes and devices, removing sediments and contamination from the surface of teeth crowns and roots, ended with contact fluoridization (soothing the surface, leading to reduced susceptibility to repeated contamination with decay and diminishing the thermal conductivity).

2. INVASIVE - this group covers all procedures, whose main aim is to improve the teeth outlook by changing their shape (porcelain veneers, porcelain implants) and procedures lying in individualization of singular teeth outlook (teeth jewellery stuck on teeth surface).

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