Why Medident

Medident Dental Clinic is present on Szczecin market since 1986. Such a long period of activity allows us not only to be proud of our experience, but also of the faith our patients have in us, as we would not exist without you! Currently we have almost 6 thousand files in our records. Your trust makes us happy, yet it also makes us responsible for continuous training and raising the quality of our services. Our clinic is equipped with three stations, which allows us to flexibly adjust to your time needs. What is more, our clinic is equipped with medical equipment necessary for dental procedures, which shorten the time of treatment to minimum, and saves your time, as you don’t have to wander around the city to look for proper devices. Our specialists create a team of highly specialised doctors, and we can heal even the most difficult and the most complicated case.
Taking the above into consideration, when we hear the question: why Medident?, we answer: because we are the best!

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